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❀ that one time we couldn’t really say if it’s remilie or rumbelle 

"I'd like to play with a period piece. Playing a girl next door in 2010 is so different from playing one in 1950, the way you talk, walk, dress, relationships. It’s really fun studying all that.  I always try and take something from each job.”

Regina Mills in 04x01, A Tale of Two Sisters ~
"It’s time for villains to get their happy endings."

Anonymous asked:
Just found out that you like OUAT and GOT and it's awesome.


Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket and sometimes the best teacup is chipped.”

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I really love villains

not in a ‘poor baby is so misunderstood’ way

in a ‘your amorality is so fascinating and delicious’ way

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Lana and Bobby teasing Emilie for mentioning the word “lost” while describing Belle

"That’s the best part of a small town. Everybody knows everybody. It’s like… It’s like a big family.”

In honor of tonight’s season premiere.

"We’d probably all like some of Ygritte’s feistiness – to be a lethal shot, to scale mountains and glaciers with nothing but an ice pick, to antagonise the guy we fancy into bed as she did with Jon Snow. It was fun for me because, in real life, I’m much more shy. Maybe I’m hoping the roles will rub off on me because to live life with that degree of passion and certainty would be wonderful."

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emma & her friend elsa in a new promo for tomorrow’s episode (x)

❝ Sweater, dude, sushi, mwah ❞
—— actually my last words. I’m reblogging from the other side right now. (via once-upon-my-feels)


Who would be the worst in a crisis situation? (x)