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Two sides of the same coin.

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I am a lioness. I will not cringe for them.

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They grow quickly now, and when they are grown I shall have my wings. Mounted on a dragon, she could lead her own men into battle, as she had in Astapor, but as yet they are still too small to bear her weight.

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Jack Gleeson did an amazing job the past four years and I’m gonna miss him so much

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"There was a sickening crunch. Ellaria Sand wailed in terror." 

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Happy Birthday, Sean!

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And mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours.

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"You would think that when you have a villain like Joffrey no matter how loathsome a human being might be, it’s still a human being. On the one hand, no one deserved it more than Joffrey. On the other hand, you’re seeing a mother watch her firstborn child die in an incredibly painful way."

Davin Benioff

In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]

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Imagine your icon seeing you are sad and pushing up the corners of your mouth with their fingers to make you smile

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“I love him. It’s been four years and I’ve kind of seen Jack grow up — he’s very smart and he’s very funny and he’s very charming. And he’s great company! You form friendships and that’s been a really special one to me and I literally look into his eyes and I get very upset because I go, ‘No!’  - Lena Headey.

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how is he even still allowed to be on tv

Lindsay Lohan has starred in more than 27 movies, appeared in 8 different TV-shows, hosted Saturday Night Live five times, been nominated for 44 awards and won 22 of them. What has Perez done in his years of “fame”? Talked shit about celebrities online.

What a douche canoe

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